Get closer to Malaysia’s nature


Given The Datai’s proximity to pristine nature, it would be shame not to experience it while staying at this luxury resort on the forest-clad island paradise of Langkawi.

Recently refurbished, the hotel is back with a bang and with it come a host of experiences that not only allow you to get closer to nature, but study it, and hopefully learn from it.

Beach Education

The Datai has taken note of key trends within experimental travel, and understood that travellers are looking for experiences that will transform the way we look at the world. Yes, the hotel has always laid claim to reside next to one of National Geographic’s top ten beaches in the world but instead of only passively enjoying its beauty from a lounger, guests are encouraged to take a morning walk with in-house marine biologists. Turning around how you view the beach, the marine biologists draw your attention to tiny details which you wouldn’t ordinarily notice, like sand dollars, sea grass natural debris or the unstoppable flatworm. You might be lucky to see signs of lesser-seen creatures such as sea otters.

After Dark Explorations

Even more exciting is the chance to spend evenings in the 10 million-year-old rainforest. If you’ve ever had that nagging inkling to experience the sounds and sights of a jungle as it beds down for the night, then this could be your chance. You will start at the tribal bamboo longhouse, otherwise known as the nature centre, filled with books, some of which are written by in-house naturalist Irshad Mobarak and take a tea made from ingredients sourced from the jungle. Using dimmed torches, you’ll hike jungle trails past the Strangling Fig Tree into the heart of this primordial mountain scene. Scuttling in the forest floor could indicate many different species including the shy lesser mousedeer or the nocturnal palm civet cat. Overhead you may spot bats, flying squirrels or lemurs.

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