Wild Kidepo


Climb a rocky outcrop and take in the view. Ahead of you stretches sprawling savannah broken only by a palm-fringed riverbed, all set against the backdrop of rugged mountains. Uganda’s most remote wilderness is also one of its most picturesque.

We think little-visited Kidepo Valley National Park should feature on every visit to Uganda. Those who make the journey to this isolated spot, which borders Kenya and Sudan, are rewarded with pristine landscapes, plentiful game and cultural interactions with remote tribes.

You’ll be treated to varied wildlife sightings on game drives and walking safaris, with very little chance of seeing another human soul. Kidepo is the only place in Uganda to see cheetah, eland and kudu antelope, and there are also healthy populations of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hyena and lion. Birdlife is plentiful, with a host of species not found in any other Ugandan national park, such as the Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis.

During your stay, journey into the Morungule Mountains to spend a day with the Kidepo Valley’s Ik people.  This small community of subsistence farmers have a unique culture and language, which no other tribe can relate to, and are one of Africa’s smallest ethnic groups. The opportunity to meet this endangered group is a rare privilege.

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