Desert Stargazing


In the depths of the Namibian desert, you’re so far from any human settlement that light pollution is non-existent. As your astronomer guide points out bright constellations and distant planets, the vast Milky Way stretches overhead. Perhaps what’s most surprising about a sky so dark is how bright it actually is.

Journey to the NamibRand Nature Reserve to experience some of the darkest skies in the world. The reserve has the proud distinction of being crowned Africa’s only Dark Sky Reserve, and only one of two worldwide in honour of its spectacularly starry skies.

Viewing astronomic panoramas in a similar vein to our early human ancestors provides a grandiose sense of scale. The nightly natural theatre of rising moons, twinkling stars and meteor showers makes it easy to spend hours each evening simply gazing upwards in wonder.

A six-hour drive or short flight from Windhoek, the 200,000-hectare reserve is a joint venture between private landowners to preserve habitats on both land and sky. With the famed Sossusvlei dunes nearby and a handful of fantastic lodges in which to stay, it’s the perfect place to begin or end a Namibian safari.

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