Dawn on the Ganges


Watch pilgrims bathe and pray in the sacred Ganges as the heavy scent of burning incense fills the air. Light shimmers on the water. Birds circle the ghats. All the while, atmospheric sitar music from the on-board musicians provides the perfect dawn accompaniment.

Experience the River Ganges at its more serene onboard a sunrise cruise in the holy city of Varanasi. Set on the banks of the river, India’s spiritual heart is famous for its perfumed dedications and ceaseless riverside cremations. Atmospheric and colourful, chaotic and challenging, it’s a city where the rituals of life and death exist side by side.

As the pink hues of first light shimmer across the river, you’ll see yogis meditating, dhobi wallah’s doing laundry and devotees performing puja. The River Ganges represents the direct channel to the divine for India’s millions of Hindus, and a visit at dawn offers a special insight to the spectacles that take place. The overwhelming sense of shared spirituality is well worth the early wake-up call.

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