Corocora Camp – On the Plains of the Orinoco


Corocora Camp is an exclusive tented camp set inside a private reserve in the Llanos Orientales or eastern plains region of Colombia.

The area is famous for its strong cowboy culture and rich wildlife, forming part of the vast Orinoco region that is shared with Venezuela. The camp was designed as a unique lodging option in these remote grasslands, providing an ideal retreat for horseback safaris, and an immersion in nature while disconnecting from the rest of the world.

Spend your days on 4×4 wildlife expeditions, horseback riding, nature walks, tracking pumas, bird watching and herding cattle as well as participating in conservation efforts; all with the ultimate luxury of spacious tents, spectacular gastronomy, outstanding company and plentiful sundowners and bonfire dinners – all in the middle of nowhere.

In addition, for the extra adventurous, helicopter expeditions are now offered to more remote reserves to see pink dolphins, giant otters and rare ecosystems such as the morichales stretches of tall palms and wetlands.

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