Buddhist Water Blessing


As traditional Buddhist chanting fills the air, the monk lightly sprinkles you with flower infused water and wraps a small string around your wrist. Take your seat for an exclusive spiritual cleanse at an authentic Cambodian temple.

You don’t get much more spiritual than taking part in a religious blessing. On the outskirts of Siem Reap at the 12th century Wat Athvea temple, that’s exactly what you can do. Upon arrival, you are shown into a small changing room at the neighbouring monastery to prepare for the ritual. Wrapped in a sarong, you will then experience this purifying practice in complete privacy as the perfumed smell of incense fills the air.

After the ceremony explore the rest of the pagoda, ask questions to the monks, and soak up the healing atmosphere. The ancient practice of water blessing is said to bring fortune and good luck, and is one of the best ways to engage with Cambodian Buddhism during your stay.

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Sarah Parker
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