Sunrise At Angkor Wat


In the darkness of pre-dawn, you are led into Angkor Wat through the quiet east entrance. Continue along a forested path, before ascending to the upper levels of this mystical 12th century temple. Then watch in awe as the sun’s first rays flood your ancient surroundings.

Enjoy a glass of champagne at daybreak as you admire how the grand temple’s reflection glistens in the waters of the moat below. With endless corridors and statues at every turn, prepare to leave with an experience etched as deeply as the infamous fight scenes engraved on the walls.

It’s no secret that people flock in their thousands to visit the temples of Angkor, especially at sunrise or sunset. To appreciate the breathtaking detail of the temples without jostling for position at every key sight, you’ll need an expert guide in tow – which is where we come in. Motor by tuk-tuk through the twilight to arrive before the masses, then find a quiet perch to watch the show.

Your guide will then take you to the jungle-clad temple of Ta Prohm, to see the huge tree roots bursting through its ancient, crumbling walls. Admire the intricate carvings within the Hall of Dancers, then hop back into your tuk-tuk and set off for a well-earned breakfast.


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