Australasia & South Pacific Holidays

Australasia countries vary from the vast landscapes and cities of Australia to the multitude of quaint Fiji islands with their opportunity for luxury beach holidays.
Holidays to New Zealand offer either verdant scenery or the geothermal variances of Rotorua, all possible to visit on luxury tailor made holidays. Sunbathing, surfing, sightseeing and snorkelling – what more could one want.

Luxury Holiday in South Australia
Australia biggest attraction is the sheer variety they offers visitors. It is fitting that a place that is the world’s largest island but also its smallest continent is a land of contrasts.

Luxury Holidays Fiji
It is a cliché but when visitors first come to Fiji, they really will feel as if they have died and gone to heaven. Each of its 320 plus islands, are surrounded by colourful coral reefs and the warm azure waters of the South Pacific, making heavenly conditions for diving and snorkelling fans.

Luxury Holidays French Polynesia
French Polynesia, as its name suggests, offers a fantastic mix of French chic and South Pacific charm. Whether visitors want to enjoy the fantastic sailing conditions in this haven for 'yachties', scuba-dive or gorge on the unique mix of French and Polynesian cuisine, French Polynesia offers it all.

Luxury Holiday New Zealand
New Zealand combines the best of the world's unspoilt beauty in one country. Visitors will find glacial mountains reminiscent of Switzerland; fast-flowing rivers and deep lakes akin to Scotland and Ireland.