richard laker

Richard Laker - Product Manager

On his first arrival to Latin America Richard experienced the warmth and generosity of the area; within ten minutes he had received an invitation to the President's Box at the Azteca Stadium for the weekend's football. After some years of travel, studying Spanish, Portuguese and guiding tourists in the region Richard had fallen in love with the continent, its people and cultures. From the beaches of Mexico to the frozen mass of Antarctica Richard is able to create for you the most perfect and unforgettable trip through this fascinating continent.

Of all the lodges I love I have probably most enjoyed Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba, Argentina. From the friendly hospitality of the hosts and staff to the very genuine nature of the interaction with gauchos, whether on horse or just enjoying a barbecue of sublime Patagonian lamb, Los Potreros achieves that remarkable holiday experience of forgetting home, forgetting the day of the week and feeling close to your own personal nirvana. It is great for adventure seekers, experienced riders or those that just wish to give riding a go, but I really enjoy the wonderfully authentic environment and beautiful landscape. 

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