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Zimbabwe Safari

A Zimbabwe safari puts you in a longest established, professional and well-run African safari destination. The guiding is outstanding, the conservation efforts enviable and the quality of luxury holiday accommodation is first class.

Animals in Zimbabwe include: hippo, rhino, baboon, giraffe, kudu, zebra and warthog, in all, there are around 350 species. Snakes and lizards abound with the largest lizard, the water monitor, found in many rivers, as are several species of crocodile. There are more than 500 types of bird like the Bee-eater, Bush-warbler, Emerald Cuckoo and grey lourie, also let us not forget the prolific insect kingdom.

Zimbabwe has a broad ridge running 645 kilometres from southwest to northeast across the entire country, from near the Botswana frontier to the Inyanga Mountains, which separate Zimbabwe from Mozambique. The land is mainly savannah, although the moist and mountainous east supports tropical evergreen and hardwood forests. There is an abundance of trees and flowers across this African safari landscape.

Warm, friendly smiling faces, welcoming attitude and helping hands make Zimbabwe holidays a joy. Hospitality is second nature to the many ethnic groups, including the Shona in the northern regions and the Ndebele in the western parts of the country.

From boating, canoeing safaris and white water rafting, through to flying, bungee jumping and elephant riding, the ability to boost your adrenaline flow is endless and exciting. Zimbabwe is a luxury African safari destination for those seeking thrills in a traditional African environment.


Capital City



Official language English but Bantu & Ndebele spoken in rural areas


Zimbabwean Dollar but US Dollars widely accepted

Time Difference (GMT) + 1 hour

Climate & average temperatures

Months J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temp °C 28 27 26 24 22 18 19 21 24 26 26 27
Rain mm 130 97 86 46 20 8 8 8 20 66 109 112
Seasons Green Dry Green

British Airways, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways

Flight time from UK

9 hours

Visa requirements

Required by UK passport holders

Health requirements

Contact your GP for information

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