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Botswana Safari Holidays

Enter a wild and prosperous country that makes the right decisions for the right reasons. Botswana has set aside the highest percentage of land for conservation in the world. Most of the population lives in the south and east, leaving vast areas of unspoilt wild spaces absolutely empty and undisturbed, except for the animals that have lived there since time began.

On an African safari in Botswana you can visit the Okavango Delta one of the most fertile and abundant places on earth, which sparkles like an emerald in the heart of the dry and arid Kalahari. The Kalahari Desert is so incredibly dry that for approximately 9 months of the year desert creatures have to rely on their creativity and cunning to survive. For the remaining months it becomes a land of plenty and the natural world comes to life.

For some safari animals the only chance of survival is to help one another. This works for the meerkats of the great Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, a large, awe-inspiring expanse of white nothingness. The unchanging habits of the Kalahari San bushmen and their unique spirit of reciprocal altruism and a truly environmentally sustainable way of life is what has allowed them to survive the challenges of living in the Kalahari for millennia.

Capital City



English, Setswana


Botswana Pula & US Dollars

Time Difference (GMT) + 1 hour

Climate & average temperatures

Months J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temp °C 28 27 26 24 22 18 19 21 24 26 26 27
Rain mm 130 97 86 46 20 8 8 8 20 66 109 112
Seasons Green Dry Green

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic & South African Airways all via Johannesburg

Flight time from UK

12 hours

Visa requirements

Not with a UK passport

Health requirements

Contact your GP for information

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